Joshua S. Vega

About Me

I'm a computer scientist and software engineer who enjoys using computers to solve problems both big and small. While I have some experience in web development, systems and application development is where I find myself most engaged. In my free time, I enjoy playing recreational soccer and I'm a supporter of the New York Red Bulls and FC Barcelona. I also enjoy reading regularly and have been attempting to teach myself to play the guitar with some success.


Currently, I'm a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology where I'm completing my B.S. in Computer Science (December 2018). In January 2019, I will begin my M.S. in Computer Science with an expected graduation date of May 2020. I'm also pursing a minor in Applied Mathematics for which I've taken multiple methematical biology elective courses. Although a minor is not offered by NJIT, I've decidedly taken a number of psychology-focused electives, something I find to be very interesting.x

Work Experience

Since April 2017, I've worked at the NJIT Center for Solar-Terristrial Research (CSTR) as an undergraduate research assistant with Dr. Nathaniel Frissell and as a member of the Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation (HamSCI) organization. I focused on developing an efficient method of simulating high-frequency (HF, 3-30 MHz) over-the-horizon radio transmissions from a transmitter to a receiver. I've presented my work at several conferences and I have been a co-author on two peer-reviewed publications that utilized the results of the simulation.